Lavender Bundles

Large Lavender Bundles (16"-20" Tall)
Large Lavender Bundles (16"-20" Tall)

Producer: Saffron Hill Farms, LLC

Category: Health & Beauty

Hand-Cut Dried & Bound Lavender Bundles: Four (4) height sizes; Baby Bundle (approximately 11"-12" tall), Short/Small (approximately 12"- 14" tall), Medium/Average (approximately 14"-16" tall) and Tall/Large (approximately 16"- 20" tall). Great for displaying as a decoration or infusing small spaces with fragrance. Purchase with the Pure Essential Lavender Oil as a set. Apply 4-5 drops on dried bundle (to refresh lavender aroma). Enjoy during spa baths. Use to refresh a room or closet.


Certified Naturally Grown Certified Organic Herbicide Free Hormone Free Naturally Grown Pesticide Free Sustainable Practices

Available At These Locations

Fork Union Community Center | Henrico County Public Library - Tuckahoe Branch | The Carytown Market


$20.95 per Large Lavender Bundle (16"-20" Tall)
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